Toblerone Chocolate Bouquet


Toblerone chocolate bouquet 12 bars

When it comes to shopping for gifts, the unique idea of a chocolate bouquet delivery is always enough for a pleasant surprise!

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What is a Toblerone chocolate bouquet?

The idea behind our products is that they are just like flowers – only you can eat them! … Our Toblerone chocolate bouquets contain anywhere up to 100 of these chocolate flowers, beautifully set in specially made boxes and keepsake containers.

Is chocolate a gift?

Since everyone will be buying a materialistic gift that your loved one will just keep aside and probably not even use, a bouquet of chocolate will be a special gift that they will remember for a long time. This will grow the love have for you.

How many chocolate bars are in a bouquet?

The Chocolate Bar Bouquet has a great selection of chocolate brands. The medium bouquet contains 12 Toblerone 
chocolate, 3 GM size and the rest Small size. 


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