Kinder Chocolate Bouquet

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Chocolate Kinder Bouquet Gifts Shop Madagascar

Our Kinder Chocolate Bouquet is a best seller for very good reason. This delicious chocolate bouquet is carefully arranged by hand and contains…


  • 4x Kinder Surprise
  • 4x Kinder Bueno
  • 4x Kinder Maxi bars
  • 1x Large Kinder Bueno Bites.


Looking for a gift for a friend or family member who’s into their Kinder chocolate? Well, you can order Kinder Chocolate Bouquet from Artiflora Madagascar, a Gifts Shop Madagascar. Our Kinder Chocolate Bouquet is beautifully presented with bouquet wraps and red bow.

What do you understand about chocolate bouquet?

A bouquet that will not wither, wilt, or die – a chocolate bouquet is an arrangement of chocolates done in a way to mimic conventional floral bouquets. Chocolate bouquets add appeal as home decoration and are also perfect as a novel gift for any occasion.

How many chocolate bars are in a bouquet?

The Chocolate Bar Bouquet has a great selection of chocolate brands. The medium bouquet contains 15 bars of chocolate, the large size contains 25 bars and the extra large contains 45 chocolate bars!

Where to find Gifts Shop Madagascar that offers Online purchase and Delivery ?

Artiflora Madagascar is an Online Gifts Shop Madagascar. We offer wide range of Gifts at our online store. You can order online. We are open from Monday to Saturday and can process your order at any time. We can deliver your order on Sunday if you buy before Friday.

How do you make a Christmas chocolate bouquet?

We’re also going to need some tissue paper some curling ribbon sellotape some cellophane scissors glue the gift bags. Some of oasis. And obviously the sweets. And the wooden. You can also order directly from Artiflora Madagascar, your online Gifts Shop Madagascar.

How do you make a snack bouquet?

  1. Grab your first snack and tape a wooden skewer stick to the back of it. Use a lot of tape – you want it to be secure! …
  2. Next, cut out of a square of cellophane and a square of coloured tissue paper. …
  3. Repeat this process for however many snacks you want in your bouquet.

Is bouquet a gift?

Since everyone will be buying a materialistic gift that your loved one will just keep aside and probably not even use, a bouquet of flowers will be a special gift that they will remember for a long time. This will grow the love have for you. You can buy bouquets on our online store Artiflora-Madagascar.Com your Gifts Shop Madagascar

1 review for Kinder Chocolate Bouquet

  1. Eric Bayarnt

    I sent this hamper for my aunt as her birthday was around the corner. She sent me images and the hamper was looking great in them. I was surprised when the hamper was delivered to her within 24 hours. My aunt appreciated the gift. Really good service; will recommend.

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