Heineken Beer and Snacks

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A great mix of high-end snack and delicious, high-quality beer, the Heineken Beer & Snacks is a great cadeau Madagascar for any lover of good beer. This crate includes an array of high-quality snacks, including gourmet crackers and chips, and 5 bottles of Heineken. It’s perfect for anyone who appreciates quality in both their beer and snacks

 Notesome items may be changed due to unavailability.


Can cadeau Madagascar be delivered in Madagascar ?

This will largely depend on the fleuriste Madagascar or flower supply through whom you order. Most of the time, flowers are delivered through couriers who have specific instructions on what to do with flowers if they cannot be hand-delivered.

How much is cadeau Madagascar delivery cost?

The cost of cadeau Madagascar deliveries can vary a great deal, depending on the type and variety of gift size, and where and when they’re being delivered. Artiflora : Gift Shop Madagascar offers free delivery for all gifts you order from us. Some companies may charge a premium for same-day or weekend delivery.

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3 reviews for Heineken Beer and Snacks

  1. Blaise N.

    So glad I found this site. Perfect gift for the guy or gal that has everything. Delivered flawlessly on time. My boyfriend couldn’t wait to sample his beers in the different glasses. And of course, he loved the carton box it came in.

  2. Misael Stanley

    We have been using their services since 3 years, they have never failed yet. Absolutely grateful for their service. Simple and easy and on the dot.

  3. Herbert Duveau

    Absolutely grateful for their services . This was for the 3rd time I have ordered. Thank you Artiflora team

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