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Flower delivery Madagascar, your instant quote. With more than 25,000 species, orchids offer a profusion of colors for decoration, but also of perfumes. Rare in Europe a few centuries ago, they have become accessible to all and easy to maintain. Discover these tropical flowers.

What makes orchids so exceptional? What is special about them? Their exotic beauty, no doubt, partly explains their value in the eyes of the public, although some of them are so discreet that they hardly stand out in a profusion of roses, irises or snapdragons.

The orchid, a very strange flower

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In this important family of plants (with almost 30,000 species listed!), The ways of life differ very much from other plants. Everything about the orchid is original: its flowering, its habitat, its tips for surviving and reproducing, at the expense of its involuntary hosts.

A combination with mushrooms

Tropical orchids, as a rule, do not plunge their roots into the ground, but grow on trees, as close as possible to their treetops. Their seeds are light enough for the wind to carry them away, a single seminal capsule being able to count on average 100,000, sometimes several millions of microscopic seeds! These seeds are deprived of albumen, that is to say that they do not have reserves of nutritive substances, so that to germinate, they depend on certain species of mushrooms providing them with the carbohydrates essential for their growth. . Opt for an orchid for your flower delivery Madagascar. Get your instant quote today !

This is the reason why the first greenhouse orchid cultures presented so many difficulties. Because their relationships with these cryptogams were still unknown. Today, we do without them, the seeds germinating in a culture medium saturated with a solution with a high glucose content.

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Tropical orchids did not “climb” trees by accident. The necessity forced them to adapt to a life deprived of ground because they need above all the sunlight which. They therefore had no other recourse than to become the tenants of these trees which dispossessed them of a sun essential to their growth.

The “epiphytes”, this is how they are called (from the Greek: “what grows above”) are not however parasites, like mistletoe for example. Because they do not eat at the expense of the plant they live on, but just use it as a host. They drink directly from the air saturated with water and feed on substances brought in by the wind or raindrops. It is for these reasons that the orchids of our forests do not seek the top of the trees, the rainfall being too low.

Aerial, roots : orchids are the most amazing for Flower delivery Madagascar

As orchids do not have access to nourishing earth, they survive thanks to aerial roots covered with a layer of dead cellular tissue, the “velamen”. Whose role is to absorb rain, dew and even the fog. The internal living tissues draw from it the water that the plant needs. Part of this water, or nutrients, is then stored in “pseudobulbs”. That is to say by bulb-shaped reservoir stems covered with a membrane. Thanks to the latter, these small vital tanks are both sheltered from the wind. Therefore from too rapid evaporation, as well as from the drying rays of the tropical sun.

Other orchid species do not live only on humid air and rain. In their cup-shaped petals, they also collect all kinds of dead organic substances, of plant or animal origin. When the flower withers and falls, it turns into humus, immediately absorbed by certain specialized roots.

Terrestrial orchids : the best choice for flower delivery Madagascar

There are around fifty varieties of orchids that do not look like their cousins ​​living in tropical trees. These plants indeed have roots that develop in the ground and can be found in some French forests, such as the Frog Orchis, the Monkey Orchis, the Hornet Orchis, the Spider Orchis, etc., Unfortunately in the process disappeared due to excessive picking.
Magnificent blooms the best for your Flower delivery Madagascar

It is obvious, orchid flowers are among the most subtle creations of nature. No other family of plants has such a multiplicity of shapes and colors. And yet, in each flower, we always find the same model. Three petals and three sepals. One of the petals is larger, more colorful than the others and of a particular shape: it is the lip, made to attract the attention of the foraging insect and make it dive into the heart of the flower.

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