If you are short of Birthday gifts ideas, why not choose a gourmet and gastronomic gift. The food gift box is an interesting gift idea. Moreover, it is a gift that can be shared. Everyone can discover new flavors in a friendly atmosphere. It is also possible to compose a customized box and to choose a subscription option that will delight the recipient for a long time.

Regional gastronomic gift baskets

Many online stores now offer gourmet baskets and Birthday gifts boxes. You can discover the best of regional gastronomy. This type of food gift box is only composed of local products, typical regional specialties. You will find in the gourmet baskets quality foods: terrines, foie gras, velvets, truffles, marrons glacés, cookies, teas, wines, champagnes, chocolates, jams, honeys and many other sweet and savory treats. This exceptional gift will make not only the gourmets happy. But you can also be tempted by the boxes with flavors from elsewhere. You choose the gastronomic destination, the recipient of the gift will make the journey through his taste buds. Many countries have their culinary specialties and their flagship products. The spices of Madagascar are a must for gourmets. A box of spices is an interesting gift to please the passionate of cooking.

Chocolate box to offer as gifts

Chocolate is an essential gourmet Birthday gifts for the holidays. Whether it’s for a birthday, the end of the year, and other festive occasions, receiving chocolates is a real pleasure. You can find assortments of chocolates presented in boxes, ballotins and chocolate boxes of different sizes. The chocolates are selected for their quality and authentic taste for the greatest pleasure of gourmets. Coming from renowned chocolate makers, the chocolate assortments have various tastes: dark, milk, plain, enrobed, raw, alcoholic, flavored, with fruits, etc. The chocolate gift box is a real delight for young and old. The creations of the most famous chocolate masters will leave no one indifferent.

Vintage or grand cru wine boxes as Birthday gifts

Wine is an aperitif that is always a pleasure to offer. Whatever the occasion, wine remains a perfect gift to please a friend, a close friend or a relative. We have a wide choice of wines from the most beautiful terroirs in the world, including red wine, white wine and rosé wine. And while we’re at it, why not offer a box of wines as Birthday gifts. This is a great way to give an original gift with a unique tasting experience. Wine, champagne and vintage lovers will be delighted to receive high quality products. You can even offer them vintage wines in addition to a wide selection of fine wines.

Ferrero Rocher Gift Box Bouquet for your loved ones

Find the best beers to offer as birthday gifts

No matter what the occasion, a beer gift set is a perfect gift for a loved one, hop lover or not. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the best beers to offer. The beer box comes in the form of cases of different varieties of beer: lager, flavored beer, dark beer, white beer. There is a choice between boxes of home brewed beers, world beers, strong beers, grand cru beers, medal beers, etc for Birthday gifts. For beer lovers, the box must contain beer glasses and a brewing kit to make their own beer. It is even possible to extend this pleasure of beers with a subscription gift of several months. This way, the gift recipient will receive one beer discovery box per month, for your birthday gifts

Birthday gifts
Heineken beer gift basket

Tea, coffee and other infusions boxes

Tea is a popular drink all over the world. But it is above all an aromatic and thirst-quenching drink. Giving a box of tea is an original and thoughtful gesture for its delicate aromas and benefits. The gourmet Birthday gifts stores such Artiflora-Madagascar.com offer a selection of teas to ensure the relaxation and well-being of the recipients. The box can be composed of various products: green tea, matcha, black tea, organic tea, detox tea, etc. For coffee lovers, a box of tasty coffee is a perfect gift. Whatever their favorite varieties, Arabica or Robusta, the box can be composed of coffee in pods, beans or ground coffee. To surprise the recipient, a monthly subscription of the gift box is ideal. He will be able to discover the different coffees for a long time. A gift box of herbal teas is also interesting to make discover different and original flavors to your loved ones. The herbal tea gift set includes the best herbal teas to relax, de-stress or detoxify: verbena, mint, chamomile, lavender, etc.

Compose a customized gourmet box to offer a personalized birthday gifts

As we have seen above, gift stores offer a wide choice of already defined boxes that should correspond to all desires. To add a personal touch to the gift box to be offered, it is possible to compose its contents. Indeed, people who wish to offer unique gourmet gift boxes can compose their own customized birthday gifts. It is even possible to select the packaging in which to offer the food gift box for a 100% personalized present. There is a choice of packaging in the form of bags, baskets, boxes or wooden crates.

Food gift box by month as Birthday Gifts

You can create a unique gift offer by giving a food gift box every month. This is an interesting gift idea to offer yourself or to please a loved one. The recipient of the gift will be able to discover new culinary flavors every month. The price of the subscriptions varies according to the content of the boxes. But in any case, we have the most delicious gourmet boxes since they have been carefully selected. They range from local specialties to gastronomic products from all over the world, so that everyone can discover new culinary flavors. The recipient receives a food gift box at home every month. All you have to do is choose the birthday gifts box and the subscription formula that suits your budget.


Did you know that March is National Foreign Language month? Well, here at FTD we take our holidays very seriously and to celebrate we have compiled the meaning of gifting flowers in every culture (or for at least eight countries). 

Florals have played a role throughout human history and while meaning and traditions may change from place to place, they still a universal part of human connection. 

Why Do We Give Flowers as Gifts? 

Mankind has been using flowers to communicate for hundreds of years. Ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Chinese myths and stories refer to flowers, but it was really England’s Victorian Era (1837-1901) that gave way to a specific language of flowers. 

Floriography, the language of flowers, was developed as a form of communication at a time where it was not appropriate, polite or proper etiquette for an individual to fully express their emotions with another. This especially applied to feelings of love, sympathy, remorse and appreciation. Strong emotions that could be considered uncomfortable to be spoken aloud.

While the Victorian Age gave way to “official” flower meanings written in Floriography dictionaries, flowers have different meanings and symbolism all over the world. With that said, the universal reason we give flowers is to communicate and further our connection with one another. 

Let’s take this time, in celebration of National Foreign Language month, to dive into gift-giving traditions and different floral meanings in countries and cultures all over the world. 


Gift giving and flower-giving in Japan is heavily associated with tradition. Gifts are not only given at social events like anniversaries, births, graduations and housewarmings, but also for social obligations such as the return of a trip. When a person returns from a trip, they are expected to bring back gifts or Omiyage (souvenirs) to give to friends, family and co-workers. 

Flower gifting, however, can be quite tricky as the type and color of the flower can greatly affect its meaning. For example, floral gifts are a customary gift in Japan for the sick. It is very popular to give flowers when someone is in the hospital as well, but in this case, potted plants are offensive as it could mean the illness will worsen by taking “deeper root.”

Meanwhile, red flowers have a positive meaning and are very popular in Japanese culture. Take this Japanese proverb for example.

Japanese proverb

It directly translates to, “the neighbors flowers are always red” which can also mean the grass is greener on the other side. This goes to show the cultural importance of flowers the different meanings they have. 

To avoid giving the wrong flower, follow the following helpful hints on Japanese flowers and their meanings. We’ve covered the basics below too. 

What to Choose: 

  • Red roses for romance
  • Red carnations for familial love or for mothers
  • White flowers for mourning
  • Bluebells for gratitude
  • Iris for good news and glad tidings
  • Sunflowers for adoration and loyalty


In China, gift-giving is practiced to show respect, gratitude, friendship, love and hospitality. It is also an important part of maintaining a positive relationship in China. In fact, gift-giving etiquette has been passed down for generations. For example, some etiquette includes, bringing gifts to a host to say thank you, declining a gift two to three times before accepting to not appear greedy and making sure all gifts you give are wrapped. 

Flowers also have special meaning in China. White flowers and chrysanthemum flowers, for example, are common for mourning and are only used for funerals or for when visiting gravesites. With that said, flowers are very special for many occasions in Chinese culture. 

This Chinese proverb for example expresses how a person feels glad when you see someone happy because of something they did, like giving them flowers. 

Chinese proverb

To avoid any problems when giving florals in Chinese culture, follow these simple tips. 

What to Choose: 

  • Sunflowers or carnations to show respect and give thanks
  • Roses for deep romantic love
  • Tulips for adoration or to appreciate someone’s intelligence 
  • Peonies or dahlias for elders to show honor and foster good fortune
  • Bamboo to wish a friend financial success
  • White flowers or chrysanthemums to honor the dead


Gift giving in Egypt goes back to the days of the idols, pyramids and pharaohs, where it was common to give kings gifts to gain their allegiance or even to obtain personal glory. Today, gift-giving traditions live on in the county (while maybe not as extravagant as they once were) and have a place and time for when they are appropriate.  

For example, it is tradition to take a gift when you are invited to a home, gifts should be wrapped at all times and should be opened later unless the gift is a dessert or another perishable food item. 

While roses are often referenced in Egyptian culture and history like in this Egyptian proverb, which describes that when we love someone so much, we must be willing to accept their “unsavory” companions or friends. 

Egyptian proverb

Floral gifts should only be given to the sick, as a funeral or wedding gift. 

If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you need to choose a gift for an Egyptian wedding or funeral, these flowers and arrangements are customary. 

What to Choose: 

  • For a funeral, a floral basket arrangement for all-occasions is appropriate and bright colors to reflect the personality of the passed loved one is common
  • Sending a floral arrangement as a group or a week after the funeral is very special as it shows you are thinking or them and their loss
  • For weddings, water lilies, roses, iris, chrysanthemum and cornflowers are common as gifts as they are popular flowers found in Egypt


Gift giving in Ghana is pretty informal. The thought of the gift is more important than its monetary value and you are not expected to bring a gift to a dinner party. With that said, gifts should be wrapped and may not be opened right away in front of the giver, very similar customs to Western cultures. Speaking to the influence of other cultures, due to colonization and the melting pot of people in Ghana, the official language of the country is actually English

Flowers are always welcome as gifts and this is because the Ghana culture is so closely tied to nature and mother earth. This Ghanaian proverb, could be compared to the idiom “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” in Western cultures. It means that one should not insult the person or institution they depend on for survival. It goes to show the importance nature has in Ghanaian culture.

Ghanian proverb

While flowers are always welcome as gifts, certain types do have certain meanings so be sure to choose the right one. Here are a few kinds you can give. 

What to Choose: 

  • Daffodils signify rebirth and are great for those making a life change
  • Red roses for love and passion 
  • Yellow roses for joy
  • Daisies for innocence and cheerfulness
  • Calla lilies signify great beauty (great gift for a girlfriend or wife)
  • Sunflowers mean loyalty and longevity 


Traditional gender roles have a stronghold in Russian culture and what might seem as a old-school or conservative customs are still very much common practice. This makes flowers a very common gift and Russian people love them. Just as the Russian proverb below explores how if your heart is like the rose then speak sweetly and gently. 

russian proverb

Flowers are associated with love so they also play a significant role in dating customs. The perfect boyfriend is expected to give flowers on dates and special occasions. While you can never go wrong with too many flowers, make sure the number of them is odd as even numbered bouquets are meant for funerals.

 With that said, the kind of flowers you choose have distinct meanings. Here are a few pointers for the types of flowers to give: 

What to Choose: 

  • Give a single rose or large daisy on a first date 
  • Subtle floral colors like white, pink or light blue are appropriate for young women
  • Orange, white and yellow flowers can be given to anyone (but do not give yellow flowers to a romantic relationship as they can signify a separation or breakup)
  • Red flowers are a symbol of love and can be given to family or loved ones
  • Potted plants are okay for older women
  • Flower buds for young girls only


Unlike many countries, France does not have any rituals or very specific etiquette when it comes to gift-giving except for the traditional birthday, Christmas, christening, wedding or hostess gift. 

Gifts are usually opened when they are received and don’t worry about the gift being too inexpensive or pricey, it is just important to get the recipient something they will enjoy. 

Florals are another story, while they make a great host or hostess gift, different kinds of flowers have different meanings and value in French culture. 

French proverb

Make sure you are sending the right message and use the quick tips below to select the right florals to gift and when. 

What to Choose:

  • Choose pink roses as a safe hostess gift
  • Odd number of flowers in a bouquet (except 13 as it is bad luck)
  • Avoid red carnations as gifts as they send a message of ill will 
  • Red roses only for the one you are in love with 
  • Avoid all yellow floral bouquets as they imply unfaithfulness 
  • Give chrysanthemums and Lilies for funerals only
  • White flowers are for weddings


Gift giving in Mexican culture symbolizes affection and appreciation and not giving a gift in some cases can be very offensive. For example, in a business setting, giving a small gift is considered a gesture of goodwill and when you are invited into the home it is proper etiquette to bring a gift. 

With that said, never gift silver (as Mexico is very proud of its silver products) and stick to items from your home country. It shows you took the time to give the person something unique that they do not have access to on a general basis. 

In the case of gifting florals, flowers are welcomed gifts and appropriate in most situations. Flowers play a big role in celebrations and colorful Mexican traditions. Florals can often play a role in traditional saying and proverbs. 

Mexican proverb

If you are looking to gift a bouquet or arrangement, follow these helpful tips to send the right impression. 

What to Choose: 

  • White flowers are the best for gifts as they are considered to be uplifting
  • Red roses for love and fidelity
  • Avoid yellow flowers except for Day of the Dead celebrations as they symbolize death
  • Orchids for luxury and beauty
  • Daisies for family and respect
  • Dahlias are the national flower of Mexico and stand for creativity, elegance and dignity


The United States of America is probably the most laid back when it comes to gift-giving and receiving. Giving a gift is thoughtful and meaningful but not expected, also if you do give a gift, do not expect one in return right away. Business gifts are usually given after a deal is closed and taking someone out to eat is a very common gift. 

Floral gifts are appropriate for pretty much any major holiday (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc) and are great to show someone you care. Aaron Neville, the American vocalist, said, “Be honest, be nice, be a flower not a weed.” This is why flowers are great for celebrations and somber occasions that need a tender touch.

american quote

If you plan to give flowers, you can send them ahead of time using a service like Artiflora Madagascar or gift them in person.

Just be sure to choose the types of flowers with the meaning you want to portray. See a few examples below. 

What to Choose: 

  • Daisies for purity and innocence
  • Peonies for romance and good fortune
  • Yellow roses for friendship and joy 
  • Sunflowers for adoration and loyalty
  • Orchids for admiration and strength
  • Tulips for cheerful thoughts, confidence and love

Flowers have been used as a form of communication for hundreds of years and, as you can see, that had not changed in the modern-day. What does change is the meaning from country to country, this is why when it comes to floral gifting etiquette it is important to be informed. 

Follow the tips and helpful hints we have provided here and you will be able to express yourself fully and deeply with florals while putting a smile on someone’s face.


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