If you are short of Birthday gifts ideas, why not choose a gourmet and gastronomic gift. The food gift box is an interesting gift idea. Moreover, it is a gift that can be shared. Everyone can discover new flavors in a friendly atmosphere. It is also possible to compose a customized box and to choose a subscription option that will delight the recipient for a long time.

Regional gastronomic gift baskets

Many online stores now offer gourmet baskets and Birthday gifts boxes. You can discover the best of regional gastronomy. This type of food gift box is only composed of local products, typical regional specialties. You will find in the gourmet baskets quality foods: terrines, foie gras, velvets, truffles, marrons glacés, cookies, teas, wines, champagnes, chocolates, jams, honeys and many other sweet and savory treats. This exceptional gift will make not only the gourmets happy. But you can also be tempted by the boxes with flavors from elsewhere. You choose the gastronomic destination, the recipient of the gift will make the journey through his taste buds. Many countries have their culinary specialties and their flagship products. The spices of Madagascar are a must for gourmets. A box of spices is an interesting gift to please the passionate of cooking.

Chocolate box to offer as gifts

Chocolate is an essential gourmet Birthday gifts for the holidays. Whether it’s for a birthday, the end of the year, and other festive occasions, receiving chocolates is a real pleasure. You can find assortments of chocolates presented in boxes, ballotins and chocolate boxes of different sizes. The chocolates are selected for their quality and authentic taste for the greatest pleasure of gourmets. Coming from renowned chocolate makers, the chocolate assortments have various tastes: dark, milk, plain, enrobed, raw, alcoholic, flavored, with fruits, etc. The chocolate gift box is a real delight for young and old. The creations of the most famous chocolate masters will leave no one indifferent.

Vintage or grand cru wine boxes as Birthday gifts

Wine is an aperitif that is always a pleasure to offer. Whatever the occasion, wine remains a perfect gift to please a friend, a close friend or a relative. We have a wide choice of wines from the most beautiful terroirs in the world, including red wine, white wine and rosé wine. And while we’re at it, why not offer a box of wines as Birthday gifts. This is a great way to give an original gift with a unique tasting experience. Wine, champagne and vintage lovers will be delighted to receive high quality products. You can even offer them vintage wines in addition to a wide selection of fine wines.

Ferrero Rocher Gift Box Bouquet for your loved ones

Find the best beers to offer as birthday gifts

No matter what the occasion, a beer gift set is a perfect gift for a loved one, hop lover or not. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the best beers to offer. The beer box comes in the form of cases of different varieties of beer: lager, flavored beer, dark beer, white beer. There is a choice between boxes of home brewed beers, world beers, strong beers, grand cru beers, medal beers, etc for Birthday gifts. For beer lovers, the box must contain beer glasses and a brewing kit to make their own beer. It is even possible to extend this pleasure of beers with a subscription gift of several months. This way, the gift recipient will receive one beer discovery box per month, for your birthday gifts

Birthday gifts
Heineken beer gift basket

Tea, coffee and other infusions boxes

Tea is a popular drink all over the world. But it is above all an aromatic and thirst-quenching drink. Giving a box of tea is an original and thoughtful gesture for its delicate aromas and benefits. The gourmet Birthday gifts stores such Artiflora-Madagascar.com offer a selection of teas to ensure the relaxation and well-being of the recipients. The box can be composed of various products: green tea, matcha, black tea, organic tea, detox tea, etc. For coffee lovers, a box of tasty coffee is a perfect gift. Whatever their favorite varieties, Arabica or Robusta, the box can be composed of coffee in pods, beans or ground coffee. To surprise the recipient, a monthly subscription of the gift box is ideal. He will be able to discover the different coffees for a long time. A gift box of herbal teas is also interesting to make discover different and original flavors to your loved ones. The herbal tea gift set includes the best herbal teas to relax, de-stress or detoxify: verbena, mint, chamomile, lavender, etc.

Compose a customized gourmet box to offer a personalized birthday gifts

As we have seen above, gift stores offer a wide choice of already defined boxes that should correspond to all desires. To add a personal touch to the gift box to be offered, it is possible to compose its contents. Indeed, people who wish to offer unique gourmet gift boxes can compose their own customized birthday gifts. It is even possible to select the packaging in which to offer the food gift box for a 100% personalized present. There is a choice of packaging in the form of bags, baskets, boxes or wooden crates.

Food gift box by month as Birthday Gifts

You can create a unique gift offer by giving a food gift box every month. This is an interesting gift idea to offer yourself or to please a loved one. The recipient of the gift will be able to discover new culinary flavors every month. The price of the subscriptions varies according to the content of the boxes. But in any case, we have the most delicious gourmet boxes since they have been carefully selected. They range from local specialties to gastronomic products from all over the world, so that everyone can discover new culinary flavors. The recipient receives a food gift box at home every month. All you have to do is choose the birthday gifts box and the subscription formula that suits your budget.